Role Playing Games Need Writers of Color

This is not why I started writing games. I wrote my first game, Party at Tiffany Burrell's House as a script first. It was going to be a movie honoring and sending up the 90s teen party movies that I grew up on. But movies are expensive and difficult to make. So I reimagined it as a game. And that's how my career as a game designer started. I've been playing tabletop games for about 20 years. And my first game sold well! We sold out of our initial print run and then got picked up by Blackbox, who are the folks behind Cards Against Humanity for shipping. 

When I was at Gencon 2018 (my first) one thing was clear: the tabletop game creator space is still super white, and super male dominated. But the audience though, was one that is used to literally playing roles other than themselves. The community (mostly) is supportive and tolerant, and is ready to play stories and worlds written by a more diverse group. So my games focus on that, creating worlds and scenarios that are very specific to people of color's stories. 



Here is a list of my current games and gaming initiatives

Party at Tiffany Burrell's House - a role playing game for awkward 90s kids. 

The Fall - A Role Playing Game about love. It’s also about a near future society that is falling into itself. Can your characters survive the week before America falls? This game is free for the low price of signing up for my mailing list below :)

Bumping the Ave - A card game about car stereo culture. Can you build the system with the most bass?  Can you impress the hotties? Can you rule the ave? Set on the US/Mexico Border in the 80s. (Coming Soon)